Happy Fourth of July! Firework Pose and a Friends Discount.

Namaste Everyone! We hope you are having a fantastic 4th of July celebration and that you take some time to reflect on the courage and freedom you have because of the amazing people who fight for our liberty each day in so many heroic ways. We are truly grateful for […]

How to make a Mindfulness Jar with Kimberly and Amaya

Hi Everyone! In anticipation of our Mindfulness Month for Kids and Families video, which will be featured on April 10th to families all over the world, we want you to have some time to make your mindfulness jar to use during our upcoming meditation. Supplies List  Small Plastic Container (Peanut Butter […]

Little Heroes Yoga Mindfulness Jar Red

Today we have a little video from our founder Kimberly! What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the observation of our thoughts, feelings and emotions in the present moment without judgement. In this video Kimberly explains how we use our mindfulness jar to observe our thoughts, feelings and emotions and when we […]

Little Heroes Yoga Preschool Yoga Prop Bag!

Namaste kids’ yoga teachers, adults with children in your lives, preschool teachers, or soon-to-be kids’ yoga teachers!   As we head into 2017 we hope your year is full of lots of yoga, mindfulness and meditation and there are a few essentials that any new kids’ yoga teacher, parent or […]