Elementary School Yoga

Elementary School Children in kindergarten through fifth grade have an amazing ability to develop their own unique yoga practice within their school or afterschool enrichment environments. Parents love these opportunities for their kids because it gives them the practice they need to develop into strong, happy and healthy children. Little Heroes Yoga provides kids with the opportunity to learn about their bodies in safe and structured ways that release stored energy and allow them to focus and self-regulate throughout the rest of their day.


Our Little Heroes Yoga classes provide children with tons of skills to allow them to be the awesome students, community members and leaders that they are. Using physical activities for children to focus on, learning to breathe through difficult situations or poses, and increasing their frustration tolerance helps kids be better students in the classroom and at home. We keep in mind the developmental focus of each varying child and tailor each class the their unique abilities.


Bring yoga into your school and watch your students flourish and fly by contacting Little Hereos Yoga today: info@littleheroesyoga.com. We’re excited to integrate our curriculum as part of your physical education program or after school enrichment offerings.