Happy Fourth of July! Firework Pose and a Friends Discount.

Namaste Everyone!

We hope you are having a fantastic 4th of July celebration and that you take some time to reflect on the courage and freedom you have because of the amazing people who fight for our liberty each day in so many heroic ways. We are truly grateful for each and everyone of you and hope that you are enjoying this special day with the ones you love.

We wanted to share firework pose with you today so you can practice a little yoga between all the freedom, fun, family, friends and food. You can do firework pose by yourself or in a big group and each of you can boom off into the sky one by one and make a really beautiful fireworks display!

You can use a wall like in this picture or just balance in the middle of the room together. Separate your feet apart wide. Take a big breath in and lean over to one side placing your hand on a wall or just extending it out as your bring your other foot off the floor toward the sky and your other hand up in the air blast off just like a firework as you exhale! Stretch out big and into the sky and fly! slowly bring that foot down and then switch sides!

Firework pose works on balance and concentration. Its a full big body stretch that can be adapted for big kids or small ones with the use of the wall. We hope you enjoy this fun little firework pose and practice with your friends and family.

And for one day only until 11:59PM We are offering $30 discount for Littlest Yogis Teacher Training at Unfold Yoga in Brea, CA. Just click here and us our 4th of July Friend offer! Everyone saves $30 today and can change lives by bringing the tools of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to join us! Click the photo for more info.

We hope to see you there. If you have any questions please email Kimberly@littleheroesyoga.com


Have a Courageous Day!

Namaste <3

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