High School Yoga

high school yogaHigh school yoga is about teaching more than just yoga poses. Our teens face immense pressures in their lives that sometimes can be overlooked or unspoken. With varying degrees of stress to compete as athletes, do well in new courses, make friends, and fit-in, teenagers are in one of their most vulnerable and exciting stages of their lives.


In our Little Heroes Yoga classes, our high schoolers start to gain a command of their ability to stay calm amongst the pressures of life. They build a practice that they can come back to over and over again to find peace, empowerment, and focus in their lives. Using meditations to give them a baseline for what is possible with practice and movements to keep their bodies and minds healthy, strong and flexible, teenagers are given multiple tools that they can take with them into the classroom, through examinations, application processes and all the other transitional phases they will experience.


Please contact us to bring Little Heroes Yoga to your High School today as part of your physical education program or after school enrichment.  info@littleheroesyoga.com