How to make a Mindfulness Jar with Kimberly and Amaya

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In anticipation of our Mindfulness Month for Kids and Families video, which will be featured on April 10th to families all over the world, we want you to have some time to make your mindfulness jar to use during our upcoming meditation.

Supplies List 

Small Plastic Container (Peanut Butter Jar or Water Bottle) or Glass Mason Jar

• Note: all containers must have a tight fitting lid

Elmers Glitter Glue

1 Container of Medium-Grain Glitter

1/2 Container of Larger-Grain Glitter

1 Container of Fine Grain Glitter

Liquid Food Coloring

Warm/Hot Water

Things to Remember:

The more glue you put into your jar, the slower your glitter will fall to the bottom. The finer the glitter, the longer it will suspend in the water/glue mixture. Cold water won’t melt the glitter, so it’s important to use warm/hot water. Shake between adding, to view the speed of the glitter and adjust as needed.

When choosing glitter for your jar, find a color combination that helps you feel calm and relaxed. Colors do not have to be the same. You can use a mixture of colors to create a rainbow jar.



Start by squeezing the glitter glue into the bottom of your jar. The amount of glue depends upon the size of your jar and how fast you’d like your glitter to settle. Start with enough to just cover the bottom of the jar.

Then add enough warm/hot water to fill 1/4 of your jar, tighten the lid, and shake it till the glue is dissolved in the water.

Open the jar and add a few drops of food coloring to change the color of the water in the jar. The more color you add, the darker the jar. Close the lid and shake, adjusting color as needed.

Next, open the jar again and add your different glitters. Add the rest of the water up to the top of the jar, tighten the lid and shake.

Watch your glitter swirl and whirl around until it comes to a stop. If you notice the glitter drops too quickly, add more glue to the jar and shake till dissolved. Fine glitter will also suspend for longer in the water so use more fine glitter, if you would like your jar to take longer to get settle.

Make a few jars and notice how they help you to feel more calm and centered in your body!

We hope you enjoy making your mindfulness jar! Please post a picture of your jar below when you make them and let us know how they make you feel.

Take a moment for mindfulness in your life with yourself and your little ones.

Take a peek at our how-to video and please let us know if you have any questions.



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