LHY Yoga Playdate!


Are you looking for an opportunity for your children and their friends to get together? A Yoga Playdate maybe a wonderful opportunity for you to get friends and family together on the mat in a fun and energetic yoga practice that nourishes the mind and body! Yoga Playdates are scheduled with your own availability in mind and are 1 hour in length. Yoga Playdates can be held at the park, community space, backyard, home or any space where there is room for kids to be kids!

Pricing $80 per 1 hour session for up to 4 children and $15 per child after 4.

Yoga Playdates include movement, breathing, stretching, playing, practice and so much more. Each  Yoga Playdate is developed for the children that are on the mat that day and are tailored to their abilities and to give them a little bit of a challenge!

To sign up please email us at Kimberly@littleheroesyoga.com to schedule your Yoga Playdate for the summer. To purchase your playdate please use this link to pay www.paypal.me/LittleHeroesYoga/80

Yoga Playdates are for children of all ages and abilities. We hope you’ll join us in this courageous adventure!