Little Heroes Story

Little Heroes Yoga is approachable, interesting, creative and dynamic kids’ yoga that allows kids to be themselves completely. When we practice Little Heroes Yoga we meet ourselves on the mat as we are and tap into the heroic abilities within each of us through movement (asana), breathing (pranayama) and a little bit of stillness (meditation).


Little Heroes Yoga Cobra Pose

photo by Kelly Colson Photography


LHY creates new and exciting ways for children to connect to their bodies and senses through the practice of yoga’s immense benefits. LHY provides a uniquely tailored class that developmentally and physically challenges and excites children to build their own practice with confidence and strength as they continue to practice, taking with them valuable tools to use on and off of the yoga mat.


Designed with kids in mind, Little Heroes Yoga provides kids with fun and accessible ways to learn traditional yoga values and practices with sensitivity to the varying needs of each child and their families.