Little Heroes Yoga Pose of the Week

4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends.

The freedom to be ourselves, trust ourselves, help one another and live in liberty is something to be so grateful for. In gratitude, we practice today and always for the freedom of our mind, body and spirit in heroic and courageous ways!

Here is a fun 4th of July inspired group firework pose. Stand by a wall and place your right hand at the wall completely extended on the wall in the line with your shoulder then step out your right foot, lift your left arm into the sky and the left leg into the sky setting off your firework. As you balance keep stable and steady and have one of your group mates crawl under the fireworks tunnel. Switch sides and keep switching off till everyone has had a turn.

That’s it for fireworks pose! When we work as a team, help one another and trust each other, we build a stronger courageous team.

Happy liberty day <3



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