Middle School/ Junior High Yoga

Tweens and Teens grades sixth, seventh and eighth are in a very special and extremely transitional phase of their lives. They need guidance, structure and a patient teacher to explain to them some of the things that may be occurring in their bodies and minds. But mostly, they need a space to feel safe to be themselves and in yoga, that’s what we create together as a community.


We accept kids as they are both on and off of their mat–no matter what–and teach that yoga can be done by anyone and anywhere when we look at the deeper meanings of what yoga is. Teaching classes with real life themes, social situations and how  ways in which yoga can help to calm and understand the body and mind is where the real benefits of middle school yoga come to life.


Teaching kindness, compassion, empathy and so much more allows kids to become aware of how they are treating one another and why they should understand their own emotions so they can better interact with the world around them. Through the movements, breath and by finding stillness, kids can come in contact with their best selves, learning to tune out the negative thought patterns and focus on successfully transitioning into teenage years being both empowered and graceful.


Please contact us to bring Little Heroes Yoga to your middle school or junior high today as part of your physical education program or after school enrichment: info@littleheroesyoga.com.