Preschool Yoga

Preschool yoga is a great way for children, ages 2-5, to get to know themselves better in a familiar environment. In our Little Heroes Yoga preschool yoga classes, we work with your kids and the school to adapt the practice to the children’s specific needs and desires. Using physical activities, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises and imaginative play, preschoolers get to explore their relationship to their body, build confidence, and foster teamwork with their fellow classmates.


Yoga benefits preschool-aged children immensely by giving them the tools to self-regulate, increase their awareness of body and mind, as well as develop social skills that will allow them to transition into kindergarten with confidence, bravery and courage. Enrich the lives of your preschoolers by bringing yoga into their preschool as part of the curriculum or an after school enrichment program.


Please contact us to set up a sample class for your preschool!