Private Littlest Yogis Teacher Training

Private Littlest Yogis Teacher Training with Kimberly Fujitaki

Course work is comprised of:
10 hours of online training on Zoom (online video chat platform) with recorded material for you to keep and review again over time.

3 hours of practice sessions and online video classes

2 hours of discussion/homework based on those practices, evaluation forms, and questions and answers based on content and curriculum

With the virtual training, you will also receive access to the Little Heroes Yoga Teacher Trainees Facebook Group for questions, comments and concerns around the curriculum, support for new things that come up (as they always do), continued community with like-minded and driven yoga teachers, as well as support setting up your own classes.

Virtual training also includes email support and phone support throughout the process and potential employment opportunities with Little Heroes Yoga, if local.

The virtual course, like our live version of the training, includes a total of 15 hours of training and certification as a Kids’ Yoga Teacher completing Littlest Yogis Teacher Training (infancy-preschool kids yoga). The same content and tried and true techniques will be shared in a private way to adapt the practices to our desired goals and needs. Please visit for more information about Littlest Yogis Teacher Training curriculum.

After completing the training course, you will be more than ready to take on your first kids’ yoga class and add numerous tools to your skill set.

Private Littlest Yogis Teacher training is done virtually with Kimberly Fujitaki over the course of two days (5 hours each day). Portions of the session will be recorded for your review.

This training is $695 due to the specialized one-on-one training that is offered through this process. The training takes between 1-3 weeks to finish all the required work and certificates will be given after completion of the entire program.

Once training’s are scheduled and mutually agreed upon, there is a 24 our cancellation policy on all calls/video chat meetings. If you do not cancel within 24 hour period of time or do not show up to our meeting time, you will not receive your certification and forfeit the tuition pricing for that session. Please be sure to schedule a meeting time you will be able to attend in a quiet uninterrupted space for video chatting.

If you are interested in private Littlest Yogis Teacher Training please email us at and schedule your training today! Change the lives of yogis 0-5 and their caregivers today on your own time with specialized training that suites your busy life and desired teaching niche!

Schedule a call today to talk about your options for Private Littlest Yogis Teacher Training! 213-787-4376 or sign up by making payment below on the paypal link!

Private Littlest Yogis Teacher Training