School Yoga

Elementary School

Why Yoga in School?


Children have an abundance to learn at a very young age. There are tons of examinations and tests that they will take to diagnose and tell you what they may or may not be good at, but yoga is not one of those examinations or tests. Yoga is the science and art of the mind and body and how we are connected to ourselves.


At Little Heroes Yoga, we believe that the tools yoga gives us, help us blossom into better students, community members and leaders. Yoga helps us to be more focused, patient, kind, compassionate and flexible in all areas of our life. When we discover tools to help us to self-regulate our emotions and body’s responses to stress and negativity, we are capable of learning more, retaining information better, and being more interested and present in the things we are being taught.


Yoga is present moment awareness that helps us to focus our attention on what’s happening right now. Every student can benefit from the practice of training our awareness in our bodies and minds. We give kids in schools knowledge and empowerment to be the very best students they can be at their schools each day.


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